Ten and several years have passed all too soon since the writer first came in contact with Sutta-nipata written in Pali. All through the years, however, every time the writer reads it, he has found it not tiresome but fresh. It is for this reason that Sutta-nipata appeals to him. The fourth chapter and the fifth chapter in Sutta-nipata do not exist in what we call a religion: "a house of worship","a doctrine","a belief","scriptures" and "percepts". In that case, what on earth is it? First of all, our thought "What category we should put it into?" should be first cleared away.
 We should not easily relate Sutta-nipata with Buddhist scriptures which have appeared ever since. Sutta-nipata is in such a different existence that it should be recognized as an independent one.

[Reading Sutta-nipata]
An anthology selected from the fourth chapter, the Atthaka-Vagga, and the fifth chapter, the Parayama-Vagga, which were written in Pali, are translated into Japanese. Each heading equivalent for the theme of the contents was picked up and put on by the writer. Such a style has been chosen so that we can certainly catch the important theme of the contents so as not to glance it over.
[About Sutta-nipata]
  Here is explained Sutta-nipata in outline.
[Yamaji-Kan's Diary]
  Here is placed the explanation for Sutta-nipata as well as the daily impressions described in the form of essay by the writer. Please be sure to view this, because it will be revised quite frequently.
  Here is what doesnユt belong among the categories mentioned above.

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